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I am radhika &
I am mixing design with
behavioural science.

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Why I do

Design is not enough.
I wanted to approach problems from not only UI or UX but through the lens of behavioural science.

How these two are related? With this quest, I jumped into this field after solving problems for various startups or corporates.

What I do

Rapid prototyping, design thinking & now conducting experiments.

Started journey with visual design as I can imagine more easily in terms of graphics. After that, I slowly transitioned into the background orchestra of how we actually design experience of any digital product. What are the principles? What can we learn from the field of psychology as ultimately we are making products which humans will use?

My Doings

Took an inductive approach to learn design. Learning by doing.

Web conference

Behavioural Science Notes

Link Coming soon

I have collated all the learnings from this 24 hours web marathon.

Key takeaway

Design Framework

PDF Link

In this small PDF I will be sharing the most basic and frequently used framework which designing digital products.

User Interface

Concept and rapid prototyping

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I love making interfaces, be it on mobile or web.

Upcoming research

Research Paper in association with Christ University

Publication link coming soon

This is my recent ongoing work. The research topic is behavioural decision making under pandemic situation.

Now writing

"Writing is thinking" - Jordan Peterson. Now blogging about all things cognitive science + UX + behavioural change.